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GEAROGS // gear database

For all you gear heads out there, I just stumbled across a website called Gearogs. It was created by Discogs with the intention of becoming the world's largest online database of musical equipment and gear. You can read history on gear, add things to your wantlist, and add new gear that isn't on there yet. It's super nerdy & super fun. Enjoy.

IVERSON DESIGNS // printing partnership + 10% off printing order!

I recently got a big batch order of shirts in for my merch store and I am so pleased with them! The shirts are so stinking soft, pre-shrunk, and have a modern fit. The prints are soft to the touch and the shipping was fast!

If you have a need for shirts being printed, I would highly suggest Iverson Designs. For the quality of these shirts, you can't beat the price! Check them out at this link right here!

From now until December 1st, Iverson Designs is offering a 10% DISCOUNT on any order when you email them at with "ZZURNPROMO" in the subject line. Brett at Iverson Designs will hook you up with a quote and amazing products - guaranteed!

Thanks Iverson Designs for being one of my endorsing companies!

stop tuning in between every song // improve your guitar's tuning stability

Tone Report Weekly is a great resource for gear questions and gear answers. This week they featured an article sharing some tips about how to keep your guitar in tune so you're not constantly stressing about that thing sounding wonky. See the article below:


el rey on the way // hand built overdrive from scepter pedals

I already wrote a blog post about the El Rey Overdrive Pedal from Scepter Pedals, but I just got a picture of my brand new hand built El Rey from Cody, the owner and maker of Scepter Pedals, and I'm freaking out.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this pedal runs the race with the rest of them. If you like the sounds of the Tubescreamer, Morning Glory, Klon, and more, you will love the versatility you can get with Scepter Pedals' El Rey Overdrive.

Like I mentioned before, I wrote a blog post about this pedal before. Check out my review of it here. Also, check out this review video below.

This is a brief overview of the Scepter Pedals El Rey Overdrive pedal, an extremely versatile pedal allowing you to create your own masterful tone. By providing the power packed in this pedal, we can confidently say "You Are The King." The El Rey can be purchased on or Daves Guitar Shop in store or online.


I recently received the amazing privilege to partner with a company called Source Audio. Source Audio makes high quality guitar effect products like reverbs, delays, distortions, and more.

I first heard about and tried a Source Audio product a couple years back - the SoundBlox 2 Dimension Reverb. For the price and footprint, I was overly impressed with the sounds it could produce. It was extremely editable - you could affect pre-delay, have presets, EQ, and more.

One of their most recent products, the Nemesis Delay, partnered with their Neuro app for iOS, is flipping the effects world upside down. I've never seen or played anything like it! You can save so many presets, attach external auxiliary switches for easy preset switching, control editables like mad in the Neuro app, and get those unbelievably whacky or classic delay sounds you're looking for.

Go sell your $500 delay unit and get this thing. You'll never look back. Check out the video below for more info on the Nemesis delay unit.

The Nemesis Delay offers 24 distinct effect engines ranging from vintage tape and analog delays to highly advanced pitch-shifting, reverse, filter modulating, and rhythmic delays. It also features 128 presets, multiple delay taps, a hold function, tap tempo, full MIDI control, deep editing functionality with the Neuro Mobile App, and much more.

I can't say enough good things about the sonic quality, build strength, and amazing artist support I have encountered so far with Source Audio. Play their products. Buy their products. I love my Source Audio Nemesis!