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the sea in between // a josh garrels documentary

josh garrels is one of those musicians i have a massive amount of respect for. i see my dreams ambitions in his story - in his history, present, and future. check out this feature length documentary he just released about him and a group of crazy talented musicians on a trip to beautiful western canada on a journey to write and record music and to find themselves in the joy of community, art, and expression.

Josh Garrels & Mason Jar Music present "The Sea In Between" - A Mason Jar Music Film. * Buy Soundtrack on iTunes - * Buy DVD Copy of Film - About The Film: What happens when the ever-narrowing gap between artist and audience disappears?

stop tuning in between every song // improve your guitar's tuning stability

Tone Report Weekly is a great resource for gear questions and gear answers. This week they featured an article sharing some tips about how to keep your guitar in tune so you're not constantly stressing about that thing sounding wonky. See the article below: