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we're all imposters

Music Bed is one of my favorite places to go to feel inspired and to learn about creativity as a whole. They just put out this article that felt like was written directly to me.

If you're an artist or a creative of any type (I believe every human), then you can sympathize with the insecurities that come with the craft. Read this article, be encouraged, and let a weight be lifted off of your shoulders.

STEAL // Creativity

I've heard a certain group of individuals called the "creatives": painters, musicians, novelists, dancers, and more. This seems limiting; it seems exclusive.

Isn't every human creative? We were created and we are constantly creating. Whether we are editing videos, passing a ball, or nursing a child while cooking dinner, it takes creativity, ingenuity, and smarts.

This book has changed my perspective, and I guarantee it will change yours, too. If you are a creative, AKA a human being, you will benefit from this book.

Learn how to steal like an artist and read this book by Austin Kleon. Click here.