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Earlier this year I posted about producing an album called "FIVE" with a group in Rochester, Minnesota called Lift Worship. We just wrapped up this EP and it was a blast to work on!

Lift Worship is based out of a local church in Rochester, Minnesota and the team is primarily made up of volunteers. It was an honor to work with these volunteers as we wrote parts together!

My role with this project was song form and arrangement, creating sounds, playing guitars live, and musically directing the band. The project was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jason Gerdt & Brent Thomas.

The album released Christmas Day 2016 and you can stream it below via embedded Spotify playlist!



LIFT WORSHIP // live album

On October 2nd, Lift Worship, based out of Harvest Bible Chapel Rochester, is recording a 5-song live album! These tunes were written by Brent Thomas and the Lift Worship team and they asked me to come on board and help out with the project. It's been a blast to work with the group so far.

We just got done with one of our days engrossed in Ableton creating the coolest of sounds. Stay tuned to hear more about this record - it will be releasing Christmas Day 2016!

my favorite recent jams // playlist

I can't get enough of these albums. I've embedded a Spotify playlist below, but support these artists - buy their records, their merch, and go see them live. The Spotify royalties cannot pay the bills...


I discovered this dude a couple weeks ago and I can't stop listening. Soulful, wicked voice, dope production.


Had the chance years ago to play with these guys when they were called Oceana. Their progression as a band and as artists has been a blast to watch - such a cool record.


Alec Ness, who goes by Su Na, is an old friend. We used to play music together. This guy has taken off and was recently featured on BBC Radio. Check out his newest album - you're gonna love it.

VITALS by Mutemath

This is one of my favorite bands. This album is a bit more poppy and I'm happy about it.

ELECTRICITY // Commissioned Work

I was recently commissioned by Trinity Live Sound (an AVL company about to announce it's opening), to write an original song for their company's website visitors. I had a blast writing the tune!

It's titled "Electricity". Check it out below and if you like it, share it!


Caleb Chapman is growing to be one of those songwriters and musicians that I have an extreme respect for. He has had solo projects in the past, a band called Caleb, and project called The Inlaws, and now fronts a band called Colony House. Check out this live video below of one of my favorite tunes.

Colony House performs "Silhouettes" live at Someday Studios in Franklin, TN.