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ROOM // soundtrack

My wife and I recently watched a film titled "Room". It's not for the faint of heart, but it was absolutely brilliant. We had a conversation about it after and agreed that it was one of the most moving films we had ever seen, but isn't one that we would suggest to most due to it's intensity. But here I am suggesting it. I'm actually imploring you to watch it. The display of love, sacrifice and fight is extraordinary.

Aside from the gorgeous cinematography, the inquisitive dialogue, and frustratingly genius plot, the soundtrack was prime. The soundtrack includes a wonderful balance of floating pieces and post-rock ballads.

The trailer and Spotify playlist for the soundtrack are embedded below. Watch and listen and let me know your thoughts.

go from good to GREAT // GUITAR

If you are looking to take your skill as a guitar player to the next level, you have a few options:

  1. Register for extremely expensive lessons at your local music shop.
  2. Signup for that sketchy website with the terrible user interface that guarantees your "rock'n'roll" status in 3 easy steps.
  3. Try to teach yourself with no help and spend 182,893,434 times the amount of time it should take to learn one new trick.
  4. Give up because it's hard and sulk in your sadness.

If none of these work, you have two final options:

  1. Take lessons with me. It will be fun. (seriously)
  2. Subscribe to Articulate Guitar on YouTube FOR FREE and be amazed.

To be clear, this blog post is about a new website/YouTube channel I stumbled across called Articulate Guitar. I've been so impressed by the professionalism, organization, conciseness, teachability, free access, and tips/tricks that Articulate Guitar offers. Did I mention that it's FREE?!

Ian White, the creator and curator of Articulate Guitar, keeps the following statement as the backbone of this musical service.

"Traditionally, the process of becoming a competent guitarist has been defined either by monolithic, laborious personal lessons, or sporadic, inefficient digital resources. Articulate was designed to synthesize the utility of a personalized lesson program with the freedom of self-guided practice, allowing each player to learn effectively while maintaining personal expression. It's time to make your music say what you mean."

Stay tuned to Articulate Guitar on their website and YouTube channel. In the words of Ian White, "It's time to make your music say what you mean."