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I am stoked to announce I've just reached an agreement with an amazing music licensing website called Songfreedom to sell licenses to my catalog for artistic & creative uses. Songfreedom exists to provide high quality music to videographers, directors, and more for their creative projects.

Songfreedom is a great service and provides amazing resources to all types of creatives! If you'd like to license any of my tunes, check out the catalog here at Songfreedom!


alicia keys & levi's // music project

There are few things more inspiring than seeing successful and influential individuals walk in generosity. Watch the video below to see the fruit that came about when Alicia Keys partnered up with Levi's to bring a music technology course to a high school in Brooklyn, NY.

Though she rose quickly on the world stage, Alicia Keys has never forgotten where she comes from. A New Yorker through and through, she went back to her roots to #SupportMusic in Brooklyn. Together, Levi's® and Alicia launched the new Music Technology program at Edward R. Murrow High School.

LIFT WORSHIP // live album

On October 2nd, Lift Worship, based out of Harvest Bible Chapel Rochester, is recording a 5-song live album! These tunes were written by Brent Thomas and the Lift Worship team and they asked me to come on board and help out with the project. It's been a blast to work with the group so far.

We just got done with one of our days engrossed in Ableton creating the coolest of sounds. Stay tuned to hear more about this record - it will be releasing Christmas Day 2016!

stop tuning in between every song // improve your guitar's tuning stability

Tone Report Weekly is a great resource for gear questions and gear answers. This week they featured an article sharing some tips about how to keep your guitar in tune so you're not constantly stressing about that thing sounding wonky. See the article below:


DESIGN DISRUPTORS // design documentary

So inspiring. So well done. So INSPIRING.

Thanks to Collider for hosting this screening last week. Thanks to Invision for providing the creative community with inspiration. There's a bright future for the power of design.

Trailer below:

Today’s most disruptive companies have a new guiding principle: a fierce focus on customer-centric product design. DESIGN DISRUPTORS features an elite group of 15 disruptive companies—valued at one trillion dollars combined—who share the perspectives and sacrifices necessary to upend age-old industries and disrupt the status quo. See more at A film by InVision: --- InVision is the world’s leading product design collaboration platform, trusted by more than 1.5 million designers at companies like Uber, Netflix and Twitter. InVision empowers teams of all sizes to prototype, review, iterate, manage and test web and mobile apps—all without a single line of code. Get InVision free forever: --- See who else uses InVision: Stay up to date on the latest trends in product design: Follow InVision on Twitter:

my favorite recent jams // playlist

I can't get enough of these albums. I've embedded a Spotify playlist below, but support these artists - buy their records, their merch, and go see them live. The Spotify royalties cannot pay the bills...


I discovered this dude a couple weeks ago and I can't stop listening. Soulful, wicked voice, dope production.


Had the chance years ago to play with these guys when they were called Oceana. Their progression as a band and as artists has been a blast to watch - such a cool record.


Alec Ness, who goes by Su Na, is an old friend. We used to play music together. This guy has taken off and was recently featured on BBC Radio. Check out his newest album - you're gonna love it.

VITALS by Mutemath

This is one of my favorite bands. This album is a bit more poppy and I'm happy about it.

ROOM // soundtrack

My wife and I recently watched a film titled "Room". It's not for the faint of heart, but it was absolutely brilliant. We had a conversation about it after and agreed that it was one of the most moving films we had ever seen, but isn't one that we would suggest to most due to it's intensity. But here I am suggesting it. I'm actually imploring you to watch it. The display of love, sacrifice and fight is extraordinary.

Aside from the gorgeous cinematography, the inquisitive dialogue, and frustratingly genius plot, the soundtrack was prime. The soundtrack includes a wonderful balance of floating pieces and post-rock ballads.

The trailer and Spotify playlist for the soundtrack are embedded below. Watch and listen and let me know your thoughts.

floating // commissioned work

I recently had the chance to go check out this new sensation called "floating". Seems simple, and the concept is. You crawl into a tank filled with 800 pounds of epsom salt, lay down, and float - preferably in the dark with no music. It's a meditative experience for you to recollect your thoughts and find relaxation and refreshment.

Nalu Float, Rochester, Minnesota's only floating center, was generous enough to have me come in and try floating out, and write a piece on my experience. I don't need to get too personal, but although I was a little claustrophobic at first, I had a nostalgic (odd right?), restful time inside the floating tank. It was an interesting experience to be pulled away from the chaos of everyday routine, and be alone with your thoughts while floating in that trippy, silky water.

Here's a video explaining a little more about floating (this video isn't from Nalu, but similar concept):

Based on my experience while floating, the piece I wrote is below.

You can check out Nalu Float's website here and try it out for yourself.

MERCH STORE OPEN // taking orders now!


Hey all! Thanks for all of you that helped out with the survey helping me decide which shirts to go with and print! We've got 3 designs, and a digital EP, available for you to purchase now! The digital EP will deliver right away, and shirts are set to ship out around early to mid September! And as a plus, the shirts are printed on a soft, modern tee!

Merch store link:

ELECTRICITY // Commissioned Work

I was recently commissioned by Trinity Live Sound (an AVL company about to announce it's opening), to write an original song for their company's website visitors. I had a blast writing the tune!

It's titled "Electricity". Check it out below and if you like it, share it!


Caleb Chapman is growing to be one of those songwriters and musicians that I have an extreme respect for. He has had solo projects in the past, a band called Caleb, and project called The Inlaws, and now fronts a band called Colony House. Check out this live video below of one of my favorite tunes.

Colony House performs "Silhouettes" live at Someday Studios in Franklin, TN.

WHY do you create? // MAKE


After finishing up post-production on the Musicbed's recently released feature length documentaryMusicbed CEO Daniel McCarthy talked about why they decided to make this film. His response is below.

"We didn’t necessarily want to talk about the process of creating. We wanted to talk about why we create. I do think a lot of people talk about the creative process, I don’t think anyone has talked about what drives us to create.
We’ve been making short films as a company for a long time, and we’ve noticed something. Almost every comment we read about the films — they’re not dissecting the story. They’re not saying how it impacted them. Every comment is, ‘What did you shoot this on? What lens?’ It’s all how-to crap. They’re wondering how they can imitate something. They’re asking the wrong question. You keep asking us ‘how’, but you didn’t ask us ‘why.’ It’s indicative of a much larger problem, one that people in the creative world have battled since art was a thing.
It’s time to have a conversation about what drives us to create — passion or success. I think one of the strongest values we have at Musicbed is relationships. The basis of a good relationship is vulnerability. If we want to build real relationships, I think it requires that we get real with people.
My hope is that creatives can see the film for what it is, and that they can see themselves in each one of these characters. Not everyone that watches it is going to be a filmmaker or a musician. I think the act of creating is so basic-level human, that if you see it from the big picture, it doesn’t matter what you do as a career."

Read the rest of the article here and check out the Musicbed's feature length documentary here or below.

This documentary is a question. A conversation starter. It’s an examination of the reasons we create and the things that drive us to make something new — passion or success. See MAKE, a feature-length documentary featuring Reed Morano, ASC, Aaron Draplin, Eliot Rausch and more, now on Vimeo On Demand! Listen to the soundtrack here: Read Why We Made a Feature-Length Documentary: Meet the cast here: